Antonio Cataldo

With 10 years of institutional experience within the arts, Antonio Cataldo is a curator, writer and producer currently based in Oslo. He has taken an active role within the arts through involvement in community networks such as artists’ collectives, as well as contemporary art institutions. Developing institutions’ agency in their local context for a worldly appreciation of novel practices, he has questioned shifting models of exhibition formats, the technological and economic contradictions governing display cultures, the choreography and staging of materials and people, and highlighted the subjective framework of exhibitions. In Venice he co-founded Intorno, a collective that brought grassroots action into the everyday texture of the city.

He has produced and managed exhibitions and discursive programmes at the Scandinavian Office for Contemporary Art Norway and for the OCA’s contribution to the Venice Biennale in Italy. In 2015 he was the co-curator (together with curator Katya García-Antón) of Camille Norment “Rapture” in the Nordic Pavilion, and co-editor of its 3-volume publications. At OCA he curated among other exhibitions and projects “Alexander Kluge. Raw Materials: Present Impressions, Past Wishes and Future Fulfillment” (2014), “Unwoven World: Beyond the Pliable Plane” (2014) and “Fashion: the Fall of an Industry” (2013), as well as editing a number of publications such as Forms of Modern Life (2014) and Sidsel Paaske’s Indigo (2013). Cataldo started working at OCA in 2010 leading a research project on the audiovisual archive of the institute and its launch.

Having been a Teaching Associate and Researcher at Iuav University of Venice, he was also an editor for the publication series of Fondazione March for Contemporary Art. In Padua’s foundation he curated discursive and festival-like projects such as the travelling exhibition “Où va la Vidéo?” (2009), accompanied by an eponymous publication, and co-edited the books What is the Contemporary? (2009, 2008), all distributed by the academic publishing house Cleup. Previously he had been employed in the Graphic Design and Advertising Office of the Venice Biennale. Cataldo holds a BA from the University of Naples. He completed his MA studies under the supervision of the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben at Iuav University of Venice. He is a PhD researcher within the Platform for Curatorial and Cross-disciplinary Cultural Studies at the University of Reading, UK, and the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland.