Daniela Arriado

Daniela Arriado is a Chilean-Norwegian curator and Director Art Republic – platform for urban media art, and the Screen City Biennial in Norway. Her work is inspired by the encounters between art and new technology, the contemporary expression constantly being born through this meeting point. Her projects seek new curatorial approaches towards expanded borders of cinematic experiences and the audio-visual: the origin and vision behind Screen City, which she founded in 2013 in Norway. Daniela has been involved with several media art festivals, organizations and cross-disciplinary projects gathering art, technology and urban development, and an active participant in urban screens movement. Her latest projects evolve around online distribution and exhibition platforms for moving image art. She is one of the members of PNEK – production network for Electronic Arts, Norway, and The Norwegian Association of Curators. She holds an MA in curatorial studies from Bergen Academy of Art & Design. Based in Berlin.