Gunhild Moe

Gunhild Moe is a curator who has been based in the rural community of Suldal in Ryfylke since 2009.  Moe founded and operates the artist residency Lukkeskåra / Rådlausjuvet (L/R) in 2011 which is located on an old farm in Suldal with no road or internet. Moe has since 2012 been the coordinator and co-curator for the project Liv på Nes in Nesflaten in collaboration with ArtConnexion (Lille, France) and Rogaland Kunstsenter with the aim of creating a new infrastructure to a small rural community through public art projects. She was also one of the founders of the gallery space Studio 17 in Stavanger in 2013 and she has curated exhibitions at Rogaland Kunstsenter and Stavanger Kunstforening. Moe is also an art consultant and has worked with clients such as Deloitte and ConocoPhillips. Her education includes curatorial studies at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, fine art at The Art Academy in Trondheim  and art history at the University of Edinburgh.