Kari Skippervold

Kari SkippervoldĀ“s curatorial practice evolves quite literary within the intersection between art and music. For ten years, Skippervold has curated artist interventions at numerous Norwegian music festivals such as By:Larm, Slottsfjell festival, Quart festival and Hove festival. As Head of Concept and part of the overall management group for the Hove festival, working in the combination of scenography, cinema, theatre, art, literature, clubs etc. her production experience within the arts is multifaceted. Skippervold has long experience and success in introducing contemporary art to non-visitors to art institutions, creating new audiences for the arts. Her educational background is both practical and academic, and includes a BA in crafts (tapestry), shoe crafting as well as art history from the University of Oslo. Currently, Skippervold is a freelance curator and consultant.