Marianne Hultman

Marianne Hultman is a curator. Since 2007 she has been the artistic director of Oslo Kunstforening/Oslo Fine Art Society in Norway. Being the first art institution in Norway, founded in 1836, Oslo Fine Art Society was an important contributor to building the countries national identity as well as the promoting of democratic values. Oslo Fine Art Society presents a varied range of exhibitions that reflect current tendency’s in Norwegian and international contemporary art. In recent years the exhibition program has come to have a special focus on artists with a different or mixed cultural background from Norway as well as abroad. Oslo Fine Art Society collaborates with institutions in Norway as well as abroad. With the exhibition Hidden Landscape with the Egyptian artists Moataz Nasr at Akershus Fortress in 2012 the Society produced its first project in the public sphere. Between 2002-2007 Hultman was a curator at Norrköping Museum of Art in Sweden. Apart from curating Hultman has edited and written exhibition catalogues, books and magazines. She also teaches occasionally at Art Academies in Norway and Sweden. She has curated the following exhibitions among others: Judy Chicago: Deflowered (2013); Moated Nasr: Hidden Landscape (2012); Dafna Shalom: Fearful Days (2012); Uriel Orlow and Céline Condorelli: Terrain Vague, Persistent Images; Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Thomas Nordanstad (2011); Marit Følstad: Everything Merges with the Night (2010); Stop Making Sense (2010); Mai Hofstad Gunnes: A Shape of Love You Can Never Imagine (2009); Maputo: A Tale of One City (2009); Charlie White: Spilling Hot Gossip a Selection from the Girl Studies; (2009); Toril Johannessen: Variable Stars and In Search of Iceland Spar (2009); Rock’n Roll Vol I (2007); Annica Karlsson Rixon: Today, Tomorrow, Forever (2006); A Whole Lot of Things: Elis Ernst Eriksson (2006); Cecilia Edefalk: New Works (2005); Technology for Life: About Experiments in Art and Technology (2004); Matching Part – Jacob Dahlgren (2004); About – Narration in Swedish Contemporary Art (2003). Upcoming exhibitions for 2013 include the exhibition Lust for Life at Darb1718, Cairo and Runo Lagomarsino together with Leif Elggren and CM von Hausswolff and The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.