Lecture Series #5: Tirdad Zolghadr (Stavanger)

Welcome to the fifth lecture in a series on different typologies of curatorial practice.

Recording of talk available here:

Rogaland Kunstsenters bibliotek
February 1, 2016
Open and free for all

Arrive: On the topography of exiting contemporary art

In his presentation, Tirdad Zolghadr will address persistent calls for an “exit” from contemporary art. He argues that such calls are linked to a moral economy of indeterminacy that now defines the field. It is this moral economy that fuels two fundamentally different types of exit rhetoric. For some, indeterminacy allows for a cozy, melancholic sense of “tristesse royale”, as it ultimately views exit as an unattainable horizon. Among others, a growing impatience with the moral economy of indeterminacy has kindled an appetite for a paradigm shift that is both radical and realistic. Though not exactly a radicalist, Zolghadr likes to side with the latter group, and will argue his case with a small number of examples from recent curatorial practice.