Putte H. Dal

Putte H. Dal (b.1969) graduated with an MA in metal at Oslo National Academy of Arts (KHiO) in 2003, and a BFA in 3D Fine Arts from Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, USA, in 1999. Dal’s main curatorial focus has been international jewelry and crafts, but also a combination of visual arts combined with crafts. Dal has curated exhibitions for specific places (Telemark Art Center) and exhibition made to travel. She has curated exhibitions for the cultural school art program, through independent projects and the exhibition “Made in the World” for the National Museum, that are still touring on its 7th year. “Made in the World” is an international jewelry exhibition with two artists from the 6 continents (Antarctic not included of obvious reasons). Dal curated “Tendenser 2014 – Story telling” for gallery F15/ Punkt Ø. “SKILLS – Thinking through Making, Telling by Hand” which was shown in 3 places in Norway, 1 place in Sweden, and 1 place in Finland in the years 2014 -2016 was curated with Torill Haaland and Janne Juvi Rasmussen. The exhibition was produced by Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter (NNKS).